by Shit Present

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released April 29, 2017



all rights reserved


Shit Present Exeter, UK

An emo pop rock punk indie guitar-based music project or whatever from the South West of England.

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Track Name: FEET (under my)
You said it was such a relief knowing i was gonna leave.
And I came home maybe I should've known that you'd be done with me.
Drop me off and I feel weak. Tell me you don't even wanna speak.
Pull everything out from under my feet. Smoke all of my weed. How'd you think i'd sleep...

How can you say you mean it when you don't?
Why do you say you believe something if you don't even know?
I'll never get it.

You said you'd always be there. You said you'd always care.
Guess you didn't mean it.
Drop me off and I feel free. Maybe I don't even wanna speak.
I'm glad everything's changed under my feet. Still smoked all of my weed.
Track Name: Pray for Rain (ERGS! cover circa '14)
I'm so in love with you
So I thought I'd try something new
And write a silly song about just what your smile can do
But it's just not working out
And now I'm having my doubts
It seems that broken hearted love songs are what I'm all about

So while I'm sore from the smiles that you've given to me
I just can't wait for the day when inevitably
You say I'm not the guy you thought you knew when we have "The Talk"
And you'll regrettably inform me that you're taking a walk

I'm so in love with you
But I just don't know what to do
It seems I lose my inspiration when my hearts not unglued
So now I welcome the pain
Oh yeah I'm praying for rain
To bring some dark black cloudy sadness to this warn sunny day

And I could write you the perfect song
And you could sing along
About how everything's gone wrong